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A diamond in the rough

Our experienced in-house editors will make the most of the content we gather on your shoot.

They will add music and graphics, to give your production the maximum possible sparkle.

You can also send us any type of footage you may have recorded, from any camera and in any format.

Our powerful editing system will be able to capture it (or “ingest” it, to use the filmmakers’ term) and from there, we can start to mould it into a final product.

We’ll work on the colour and sound, and give you back a polished, tightly-edited version of your content.

Perfect for:

Polishing your footage

Retooling old content

Cost-effective production

Pearldrop review


Kept me updated on progress, suggestions, great communication! I had a ridiculous deadline and the team listened to what I needed and reassured me from the start that they could deliver....and they did!!!

Mary-Ann Lindsay

Red Cross Hertfordshire

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