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Capture of the magic of your live event with our high-quality photography.

Sending out official photographs to guests in the days after your live event is a wonderful way to keep the excitement going. A collection of quality images is also a wonderful gift for event sponsors, and is the perfect way to promote forthcoming events on your website.

We’ve photographed live events for many years. As a result, we have a feel for when things are going to happen, and we pride ourselves on always getting the shot. It’s a skill you can only learn by doing it over and over again.

We’re also really good at getting people to do interesting things in our live event photography. We love a prop, and people are often dying to do silly things, with the least prompting.

We’ll always be dressed smartly, usually in black polo shirt, black trousers and black shoes. We like to present a professional appearance, so that we match the high-quality setting of your live event. We’ll be as unobtrusive as possible, and we’re always conscious to make sure your guests are enjoying themselves and don’t feel like they’ve been papped.

Wherever possible, you’ll receive some of your live event photos on the day of the event, with the rest following no longer than 24 hours later. This means you can make social media posts on the day of the event, and then send out thank-you emails with photos the next day.

Perfect for:

Capturing the memories

Giving to sponsors

Selling next year’s event

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