An adorable little Film Term Friday entry for you this week. Our word is “woof!”.


A baby

Despite what you might be thinking, this isn’t a term for a petulant actor who isn’t getting everything his own way (although it works in that context, too).

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

In anticipation of the better weather that’s forecast for next week, today’s Film Term Friday entry is summer-inspired. Our phrase this week is “golden hour”.

Easter Egg

Easter eggs and a cute bunny

This week’s term is “Easter egg”. It means a little hidden object or reference in a film or tv show. The term probably originates with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where the cast go on an Easter egg hunt but fail to find many of the eggs.



This week’s word goes down well with a cup of tea, missus. It’s “cookie”, but not the sort you dip in your cuppa.


A plate of Swiss cheese.

This week’s Film Term Friday entry is close to Pearldrop director Denise Austin’s heart. Our word this week is “cheeseplate”, and it’s the first of three food-related filmmaking terms we’re going to share with you.

Alan Smithee

As a parting nod to last weekend’s Oscars ceremony, this week’s Film Term Friday entry is all about directors. Today’s phrase is “Alan Smithee”. It’s a pseudonym that one or two of the directors who didn’t win on Sunday might now be thinking about using. In short, it’s a name used by directors who want […]

Hollywood, baby!

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