Case study

The NV200 Campervan

Hertford Campers design and fit out unqiue mini-campervans.

The team regularly travels to Japan to buy up Nissan, Honda and Toyata MPVs at auction. They ship the vehicles back to the UK, then turn them into fully-featured micro-campervans.

Their vehicles are cost-effective to buy and run, and almost unique in the marketplace.


The brief

We were asked to create a promotional film featuring Hertford Campers’ Nissan NV200 campervan. One of the key goals of the project was to provide a single source of information about the vehicle, so that customers can see all the details without needing to call.

The client asked us to find a countryside location for the shoot, and was keen to use a presenter who represented the key customer demographic.


our approach

1. Scriptwriting

Our first job was to work with the client to develop a shooting script. Scriptwriting can be quite a daunting prospect, so we alway take that burden away from the client by writing the final script ourselves. We asked the client to send us a bullet-point list of selling points and key information. We turned this list into a full script, which was developed over two drafts with the client until we reached sign-off.

2. Casting

The client told us that the Nissan NV200 campervan is popular with ladies of a certain age. It’s a smaller vehicle, and is easy to drive and operate, which makes it a big hit with casual campers.

With this in mind, we asked one of our casting agencies to find us a presenter who matched our requirements. They suggested the wonderful, multitalented Denise Waterman (who, was a member of Tight Fit and famously released a cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight).  Our client loved her showreel, and we made the booking.

3. Location

It was important for the client that we found a location that was near to their dealership. We scouted some nearby options and settled on Foxholes Farm, at the edge of Hertford. We’ve known the owners for some time, thanks to their link with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce. We were aware that some of the fields were available for rent as film locations, and the client was delighted with the photographs we sent over.

4. The shoot

We were onsite for 8:30am, with Denise Waterman called for 9:30am. We spent the day shooting all the main content, then once we’d wrapped Denise’s presenter content, we shot a complete set of interior and exterior stills. We took the time to shoot some HDR (high-dynamic-range) photographs, to make sure we got the maximum amount of detail in each image.

The final task was to get our drone in the air and shoot some dramatic aerial shots of the Nv200 driving along along the farm’s tracks. We waited for sunset for this part, to make sure we got the most dramatic light.



YouTube views



Here’s the final NV200 film.



Here’s a collection of photographs from the shoot.

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