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Healthy Body Healthy Mind Hertfordshire

This was a project that was commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council. Their goal was to help people find a new workout routine for January 2023, while looking after their mental health at the same time.

The brief

Hertfordshire County Council asked us to create a suite of exercise videos featuring the Firefighters of Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

HCC arranged for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Physical Training Officer to create 12 twenty-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, to be split over four weeks.

Part 1 of the project was to film the workouts as-live. Part 2 involved interviewing the Firefighters who took part in the workouts, asking them to describe how they look after their mental health.


our approach

1. Workouts

We felt it was key to shoot the workouts in fire stations across the county. We filmed in the engine bay at each location, asking the Firefighters to arrange some of their amazing appliances in the background.

We supplied two cameras for each workout shoot. Camera 1 was set up for a master wide-shot. Camera 2 picked up close-ups of individual Firefighters.

We attached a radio mic to the instructor and invited him to talk to-camera like a TV presenter, when he wasn’t instructing the people working out.

2. Interviews

Still working in the engine bays, we totally relit the environments to provide a darker, more moody interview setup. We wanted the interviewees to look straight at the camera, to make them seem to be talking directly to the audience. This isn’t easy to do, but we used our EyeDirect to allow the interviewees to look at the camera but still see an interviewer in their eyeline.

Over the years, we’ve interviewed many hundreds of people about sensitive subjects. We used all of our expertise to provide a safe space for the Firefighters to tell their stories. We were keen to make sure the interviewees all felt relaxed, despite their initial hesitancy about sharing personal mental health and wellbeing stories.


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Here’s a playlist with all three trailers, the first workout for Week 1 and the first interview package.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Hertfordshire

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